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Tipping is common practice in Iran, so add a few extra rial in restaurants, and for porters, guides and cleaners.
You’ll have internet access at big hotels and internet cafes, internet access is hard to come by rural and some place but our team can handle it in order to provide.
Your international phone might not work in Iran, however you can get affordable prepaid SIM cards in major cities.
While Iran has some western-style toilets, squat toilets are the norm.
You wont be able to use your credit card in Iran. You’ll require cash to pay. Us dollars and euros are the best currencies for exchange.
Yes but rarely accept foreign cards.
You may bring prescription and over-the-counter medications to Iran , but we recommend you carry these in their original bottles and/or packaging.
The import, possession or consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in Iran.
Just about everyone who travels to Iran comments on how friendly the people are hospitality will be extended to all visitors in just about every part of the country and regular basis. Many will start conversation about where are you from, what is your idea about Iran and etc.