The Simorgh (phonix) nest tour

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The Simorgh (Phoenix) Nest Tour

The two highest peaks (summits) Damavand and Alamkuh are located within Alborz mountain range. Damavand with 5,670m height is the highest while Alamkuh with 4,850m stands as second highest mount in Iran.

Damavand is the symbol of grandeur and glory and has played prominent role in Iran literature and history since long past. Arash the Archer – heroic mythical figure sacrificed his life on Damavand shooting the arrow to mark the borders of Iran and Turan.

Simorgh (Phoenix) also a mythical creature in Iran had her nest on Alborz Mountains. In the Simorgh Nest adventure tour you encounter splendid pathways blending the Alps and the Pamir nature, pass picturesque pastures, diverse vegetation often medicinal herbs, decorated valleys full of singular plants and flowers such as Lily, Spearmint, Thyme, Nettle and Lavender. Spell bonded by  Green fields embellished with fresh grass, blue and sapphire water springs, ponds formed by melted snow associating precious stones barrels, numerous glaciers, unique never melting frozen waterfalls with height of 7 meters and width up to 3 meters, endless poppies arena and magnificent rocks you will be in total exhilaration.

We welcome you to join us in the Simorgh Nest Adventure Tour to conquer the highest mountain in Iran and Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia.


Tehran, Iran
Tehran, Iran
Physically rate
Group size
11 Day
Execution Time
Offer Time
sep 15-30/ 12-17 Oct


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Greeting at Tehran int airport /transfer to hotel / coordination meeting
Tochal peak ascending: Darband to Shirpala (2750 m) (3 1/2 hr) / Shirpala to Amiri mountain house (3450 m)(2 1/2 hr) / Amiri mh to Tochal peak (3960 m) (1 1/2 hr), Tochal to station 7 (Istgahe haft) (1/2 hr) / Station 7 (Istgahe haft) to station 5(Istgahe panje) by Tele cabin (1/2 hr) / Lunch / Station 5 ( Istgahe panje) to velenjak (1/2 hr) / Hotel
Drive to Taleghan (parachan village) (170 km) (6 hr) / Sight seeing in Parachan Village (1900 m) / Tent
Ascend from parachan to Domche (2850 m) (6hr) / (Tent) / (baggage transfer by mule & muleer)
Ascend from Domche to Hesarchal pass(4050 m) / Lashgarak peak (4250 m) / Descend and visit of natural lake (3950 m) / Camp in Hesarchal (3750 m) (6 hr) / Tent / baggage transfer by mule & muleer
Ascend to Alamkoh peak (485 m) (5 hr) / Descend to Hesarchal camp (3 hr) / Tent
Descend Hesarchal to Tangegalo (3300 m) (1 1/2 hr) / (baggage transfer by mule & muleer) / Drive to Rodbark & Larigan / Hotel Apt
Drive from Larigan to Gosfandsara (3020 m) (1 1/2 hr) /Ascend from Gosfandsara to Bargahe sevom (4200 m) (5 hr) / Tent / (baggage transfer by mule & muleer)
Ascend from Bargahe sevom to Damavand peak (5670 m) (6 hr) / Descend to Bargahe sevom (4 1/2 hr) / Tent
Descend from bargahe sevom to Gosfandsara (3 hr) / (baggage transfer by mule & muleer) / Drive from Gosfandsara to polour base camp ( 1 hr) / Drive to Tehran (3 hr) / Hotel
Tehran tour: Visit of: Golestan palace / Carpet museum / Archeological museum / Glass and Ceramic museum / *planning of this tour depend on your remained time / **Transfer to airport for return flight.


  • Accommodation in 3-4stars hotels + Tent+ mountain houses
  • Full board during trekking and half board in hotel
  • All transports during The tour with bus or minibus
  • mules and Muleteers and car for transport of luggage in necessary points of the way
  • Tour guide
  • Airport transfers
  • visa


  • Mini bar and calls
  • Tips and all personal purchases


The tour is suitable for the persons who are able to ascend 4000 m high and more and climbing 9 hours per day.

Necessary Things That you should bring by yourself

.Backpack(6o lit)

.Loading bag

.Sleeping bag

.Trekking shoes



.Cortex jacket


.Polar hat and clothes

.Climbing baton


.Anti sun cream

.Chlorine pill

.Flash light and head lamp

.All personal stuffs like medicine...

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